Fresh Shrimp

Shrimp purchased from the decks of the Lauren Jean are considered true organic Shrimp.  No Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) has been done.  The shrimp are iced only. 

Shrimp are sold by weight and are sized by the number of shrimp it takes to equal one pound. You may see descriptive size names given for shrimp such as small, medium, large or jumbo. There is no standardized and regulated set on these counts, so always compare prices based on the actual count per pound.

Trawler Lauren Jean
Shrimp counts and sizes/Shrimp per lb.

Jumbo – 8 to 20 Count

Large – 21 – 30 Count

Medium – 31 – 40 Count

Small – 41+ count


Please call for counts available and prices.  

In deciding how much to buy, determine the size available, and how you plan to prepare. For example: Small to Medium are best for boiling, casseroles, gumbo, creole, etc.; Large to Jumbo are best for grilling, BBQ, frying, etc.   

NOTE: Raw shrimp are usually purchased with the heads on.   Approximately 35% of weight will be lost when “headed”.   John will de-head your shrimp for .25 per pound. Please notify him ahead of time if you would like this service.