Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How big of a cooler should I bring?

70 qt cooler for 50 lbs of head-on shrimp with ice added.

40 qt cooler for 25 lbs of head-on shrimp with ice added

2. Are your shrimp considered organic?

YES!  Our shrimp are iced only.  No additives are ever added.  We do not "flash freeze" or IQF (Individually Quick Freeze) our shrimp.

3. Do you sell fish, oysters, or crabs?

No, shrimp only! 

4. If serving shrimp, how many should I prepare?

Suggested serving sizes per person:

Boiled, Small to Medium (headed) - 1 lb. person

Fried, Large to Jumbo - 5 to 10 person

5. What is considered the "shrimping season"?

The normal season now runs from June 1st to late November/December.  We shrimp as long as there are shrimp in the Bay!  However, they tend to 'play out' around the end of the year. 

6. Do you have Royal Reds?

No, The Royal Reds are only caught in deep, gulf waters. 

7. How long will shrimp keep frozen?

Because we do not 'flash freeze' our shrimp as long as they are covered in frozen water, they will actually keep well for over a year! 

8. How long will shrimp keep not frozen?

Shrimp will keep up to three days if well iced.  If longer, they should be de-headed. 

9. Sometimes my shrimp are hard to peel.  What can I do?

All shrimp are easier to peel when they have been iced or frozen for at least a day ahead of use.  Note:  Brown shrimp are always a little harder to peel than the white.

10.  I would like to wait to purchase shrimp until a later date.  Will you quarentee the size, availability, etc.?

Actually, that's a bad idea!  Sorry!  We can never quarentee what we caught one night will be the same the very next night.  Example:  We caught several hundred pounds one night recently.  The very next day a thunderstorm came through the area and there were absolutely no shrimp that next night.  So often we receive calls from people who say they don't want the shrimp until the next weekend and that they will wait.  Then that weekend comes and we do not have the size they wanted or simply do not have any available.