About Bay Fresh Shrimp

Trawler Lauren Jean, 55 ft. Shrimp boat

Captain, John Passwater


John has been a commercial shrimper for 40 years, working primarily on Mobile Bay and adjacent inland waters. As a young person he would spend his summers around the shrimp boats, working as a deckhand on several. As soon as he could, he purchased his first boat, a 32ft. trawler. Over the years he has weathered all the ups and downs, hazards and excitements of shrimping. Some say he was born with Shrimping in his blood! John continually works to upgrade the Lauren Jean and has equipped her with rigging commonly called “skimmers”.


John originally sold his shrimp to local seafood shops along Bon Secour River. However, with the infusion of foreign and farmed shrimp driving down the dockside price to the boat in the last years, he began selling his shrimp “off the boat”.  This allows him to provide a “wild-caught”, organic, shrimp which is fresher and superior in flavor than the imported, farmed shrimp.