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“Fresh Shrimp Off The Boat”

Shrimp Trawler Lauren Jean

Captain John Passwater

 Whether you are a new local, an “old-timer”, or a visitor to our area, this is the place for Fresh, right off the boat, Shrimp.  Our Shrimp are caught right here in Mobile Bay and local South Alabama waters.   Our customers testify that “there’s just nothing better than Shrimp from Mobile Bay” (Chris, Houston, TX).  We do not add to nor take away what our local waters give us.  And, we consider it a privilege to harvest what nature has provided. 

 Since our shrimp are caught in their natural habitat and no preservatives are ever used, they remain the highest of quality and superior in taste.


There are two major categories of shrimp caught in Mobile Bay, “Brownies” (Penaeus aztecus) with reddish brown shells and “whites” (Penaeus setiferus) with a white to greenish gray shell. The “browns” are usually caught during the summer months while the “whites” in the spring and fall. Shrimp are by far the most popular seafood in the United States. They are high in protein and have many of the essential vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in the Omega 3 fatty acids. Because shrimp are more active at night, trawling is done between dusk to dawn hours. 


                         Mobile Bay, Alabama


 Mobile Bay is an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico. At the mouth on the east side is the Fort Morgan Peninsula and on the west is Dauphin Island. The bay consists of both salt water from the Gulf of Mexico and fresh water from the rivers feeding into it. Mobile and Tensaw Rivers are at the northern end, Dog, Deer, Fowl Rivers on the western side, and Fish River on the eastern. This mixture of fresh and salt water is called an estuary.  The bay is about 31 miles long and 24 miles across at the widest point.   The average depth of the bay is only about 10 to 12 feet; however, there is the shipping channel which is approximately 50 feet deep.    



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